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How to select the right high-speed camera?

How to select the right high-speed camera?

Do you really need a high-speed camera?

Which one is perfect for you?

As it shown, speed is amazing! In visual projects, clients often say: I need a high-speed camera! Because this project requires a high-speed camera!

So, how to select right one for yours projects?

For the industrial camera,there are two “speed”:
A. Speed of time: the number of images that can be captured in certain time.
B. Speed of movement: the speed at which a target is clearly captured.

The “speed of time”commonly known as “Frame Per Second (FPS)”
The “speed of movement”commonly known as “Exposure”.

The “speed of time” is chosen because the project with a very fast production rate and a large number of artifacts need to be detected in a short time. In this case, the number of artifacts detected per second is the basis for the choice of the camera. It means you need to select a high-speed camera with a frame rate greater than the detectable amount.

The “speed of movement” is chosen because the project has a high speed moving target, and you want to capture it and figure out its status.
It means that you need to figure out how long it takes the target to pass through the field of view, and choose a camera that has an exposure speed greater than that.

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